Explore our range of luxury house or office plants. Whether you’re looking for a unique modern gift or want to transform your home or office with a lasting touch of colour, we’re here to help.

Our collection of plants is curated by a team of horticulturalists, and exhibits the best from Ireland and beyond, which include delicate succulents, elegant orchids, statement-making cactus plants, and everything from whimsical to sophisticated green plants.

Not only are these beautiful gifts conveniently placed in an attractive planter, but they can last for months or even years with some regular care. It’s the total “set-and-forget” gift that low-maintenance friends love, and it’s a creative idea for people who want something interesting and fresh in their lives.

For that extra special touch, we have curated some truly impressive plant gift sets so you can make their day with a beautiful house plant paired with your choice of wine, champagne, or chocolates.