A Guide to Anniversary Flowers by Year

For centuries flowers have been associated with love and romance. It’s not surprising therefore, that they are a traditional gift for most anniversaries. We all know that each wedding anniversary has a special symbol associated with it, like paper, silver or gold, depending on the years together. But, did you know that a lot of wedding anniversaries have their own special flower too? Impress your spouse by gifting them with a beautiful anniversary floral arrangement that includes a flower that corresponds with this milestone year.

So, whether it is your 1st anniversary or 50th, you can discover a variety of impressive anniversary flowers today at Forest Green. Read our guide below to help you choose the perfect bouquet.

Anniversary Flowers Hero
1st Anniversary


As a symbol of young, passionate love, carnations are the perfect choice for capturing the optimism of a first anniversary. Because of their vibrant and youthful appearance, they represent the excitement and joy experienced in that first year of marriage. Since the traditional gift for your first-anniversary gift is paper, incorporate a handwritten paper love note into your carnation bouquet for a sweet touch.

Our pick: Pink Haven Hatbox. Bright and romantic, our Pink Haven hatbox is the perfect gift for someone sweet in your life. With roses, lisianthus, wax flower and, of course, carnations, there’s a variety of pillowy blooms to admire

Anniversary Flowers Carnations
5th Anniversary


Daisies are a symbol of fidelity and mean “forever love.” Their multiple rounded petals symbolize the layers of stories and excitement that are in store for the couple, making this 5th anniversary flower a highly meaningful gift. Daisies tell your loved one that there’s still much more to discover!

Our pick: Vintage Rosie Hatbox, a magical, pastel palette of gerbera daisies, roses, statice, carnations, and more!

Anniversary Flowers Daisies
20th Anniversary


Asters are a unique flower that represent love and wisdom, which both go hand-in-hand in a happy marriage. For a meaningful arrangement, find one with bursts of colourful asters that celebrate a beautiful love story. Giving your partner a bouquet that includes asters will show just how much you have experienced and learned over the last two decades together.

Anniversary Flowers Asters
30th Anniversary


Exotic lilies are the traditional flower of a 30th anniversary. And what a truly beautiful flower to celebrate with! This noble flower symbolizes beauty, devotion, and pride. The majestic status of 30 years of marriage represents time of reflection, so take this time to step back and look at everything you’ve accomplished together.

Our pick: Shining Star, a big, epic bouquet designed to be over the top in the best of ways. A beautiful and elegant mix of oriental lily, avalanche roses, lisianthus, alstoemeria and eucalyptus, this arrangement has it all.

Anniversary Flowers Lily
40th Anniversary


A ruby anniversary is a big deal, and so you need a bold and striking flower to honour such a milestone. Traditionally, the gladiolus symbolizes the 40th anniversary. Communicating remembrance, fidelity, strength, and steadfastness, it embodies all the compromise, hard work and respect that helps a relationship reach this milestone.

Anniversary Flowers Gladiolus
Yellow Roses and Violets

50th Anniversary

A golden anniversary merits plenty of praise and attention. This is one of the only years that has two official flowers — yellow roses and violets — these two flowers come together as one to symbolize the life of two people who support and compliment each other.

While yellow roses symbolize friendship, beauty and prosperity, violets represent commitment. We can’t imagine a more apt embodiment of these two flowers than a couple that have been together for 50 years!

Anniversary Flowers Roses