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Finding the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is sometimes side-lined for the more ‘important’ details, like the wedding dress, location, and the seating plan. But if you think about it, your bouquet is one of the most prominent features of the entire ceremony, not only does it sit in the brides’ hands for pretty much the duration of the day, but  more importantly it will be immortalised in wedding photos forever!

From dusty rose to cascading greenery, Forest Green will promise that your bouquet will burgeon with romance and be as magical as your special day!! Here are our top choices:

Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Posy Bouquet

As one of the most popular choices, posy bouquets consist of a  bunch of flowers arranged in a circular fashion so that the bouquet is slightly domed. It works best with peonies, tulips, dahlias, roses or a mixture of all. The great thing is, it won’t out-shine your dress, it’s versatile (can be scaled up and down for complimentary bridesmaids’ bouquets) and they’re less fragile than many other bouquets, so withstand the long day.

Composite Bouquet

If you like the sound of hundreds of real petals wired together to look like one enormous flower, then the Composite Bouquet works great and will look utterly stunning!

It’s firmly held together, it’s really distinctive (you won’t see one of these at every wedding you go to) and if you want your bouquet to last,  it can be made with silk petals for that everlasting sentiment.

Composite Bouquet


Think Princess Diana’s wedding and you will visualise the most photographed Cascade  Bouquet ever!   Flowers that look like they’re overflowing in your hands, cascading down is what this arrangement is all about!

It’s a statement accessory and great for Brides who are wearing a long, formal-style dress and outdoor weddings, and looks great mixed in with seasonal foliage.

Cascade Bouquet

Shield Shaped

This is a more structured and dramatic version of the cascade bouquet.
It works well with veils as it’s more lightweight and mobile than other cascade bouquets.  it can be carried with one hand and is a common choice for trendy and elegant brides and brides who want to keep the focus on the dress.

Shield Bouquet

Arm Sheath

The Arm Sheath bouquet is designed to rest in the bride’s forearm… sort of like in a pageant.
Its versatile (as in it doesn’t have to be carried on the forearm) and can be kept afterwards in a vase. This is a great choice for brides who wear a streamlined or simple dress, tall brides, and women who like the natural look of the exposed stems.

Arm Sheath


This is a ‘go-to’ choice for flower girls and bridesmaids. This is a smaller structure using plenty of greenery. The stems of this bouquet are tightly wrapped with lace or ribbon. The majority of  ‘throw’ bouquets for weddings are made in the style of Nosegay.