Decorating your Event with Flowers

Flowers aren’t just for weddings,  and should not be overlooked or underrated for any event! Fresh flowers are a wonderful way of decorating your event space.  Not only will floral displays make a bold statement at your event, but they make your venue appear more polished and add interest to any space. Using flowers of the season can bring the freshness of nature to any indoor space and make it less “stuffy” and lively.

Here are some of the best examples of how our expert team at Forest Green can take your event to the next level:

Candelabra Centrepiece

Candelabra Blossoms

This understated idea is perfect for smaller tables or seated events as the candelabras provide some structure and help to lift most of the florals off of the table while adding an extra dynamic. It creates a beautiful and classy table layout idea.


Archway Entrance

Give a great first impression to your guests with a floral Archway Entrance. Not only will it create a wow factor on entering, but will give the promise of a sophisticated event ahead. The use of plain coloured flowers and clever lighting displays, can change the dynamic depending on the evening, theme or mood changes as the event goes on.


Cascading Centrepiece

Upscale flowers give a different twist on the above by using the stand to create a cascading effect and covering the centre of the candlestick to make it look like a freestanding centrepiece. Using neutral colours to compliment the table linen and added to the candles makes it the only table decoration that you need.


Tropical Plants

Giving out a tropical vibe, by choosing floral art displays using natural elements like bamboo and palm trees and transport your clients to somewhere exotic!  Remember you don’t need to use traditional flowers to make an impact and  exotic and quirky options grab just as much attention.


Flowers show your clients that you have put thought and effort in making them welcome


Floral Centrepieces

Keeping in mind the theme of your event, you can put your preferred flowers in a vase of your choice in the centre of every table to instantly add to the elegance and a personal touch to the table.

Glass Bowl Centrepieces

Glass Bowls

Glass bowls filled with fresh or dried flowers is one of the most engaging centrepieces shapes you can use on a table. They are short enough that guests can see each other around the table and wont interrupt the view of the room.  What’s more, they can be used repeatedly for events, or are ideal, ‘take home’ mementos for your client!